Finca Santa Rosa Whole Bean Coffee
Finca Santa Rosa Whole Bean Coffee

Finca Santa Rosa Whole Bean Coffee

Honey Moon


Located at 1,800 meters above sea level in the Imbabura Province of Ecuador is the otherworldly Finca Santa Rosa. After hand-selection and disinfection, Santa Rosa's coffee is wet cherry-fermented for 24 hours before being de-pulped and dry fermented for 1-2 days. What this lengthy, delicate process produces is a truly cosmic, single-origin bean noted for its incredibly sweet notes of cacao as well as its unparalleled lightness of being. An inherently organic production process; a masterful product. Drink it hot, let it cool, or cold brew it.

Café puro de South America, from finca to cup. Imported from origin to NYC through a brand new partnership. A Honey Moon U.S. exclusive. Taste the whole cosmos in the rose.

  • Origin: Intag, Ecuador
  • Producer: Galo Semblantes
  • Variety: Typica Mejorada
  • Elevation: 1,800 meters
  • Process: Washed, wet fermented, dry fermented
  • Deep and clean, with sweet notes of cacao, papaya & rose
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