Filter Tea
Filter Tea
Filter Tea

Filter Tea


Defying the astringent taste profile common to cleansing blends, Filter stimulates our innate filtration system while pleasing the palate. Made in collaboration with Moodflower.                            

Ingredients: Burdock Root*, Milk Thistle Seed*, Yellow Dock Root*, Dandelion Leaf*, Nettle Leaf*, Osmanthus Flower, Chickweed*, Lemongrass*, Violet Blossom 


Tea Packet:

.33 cups / 2.6 oz / 16 tsp / 8 servings 

Tea Jar:

1.75 cups / 14 oz / 84 tsp/ 42 servings 

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Made by Sounds

Made Local

Recyclable packaging

Small Batch

Woman owned business


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