Essential Oils

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Living Libations 100% Natural Essential Oils 

All oils are steam distilled and organically grown in Madagascar 


Ginger Essential Oil (100% Organic Zingiber officinale)

Can be used  in soups, sauces, deserts, and dressings or as a lozenge with honey. Aromatherapy blends for muscle-melting massages, heart warming perfumes, and as a love liniment. Always diluted to use in baths and on skin.

Tee Tree Essential Oil (100% Organic  Melaleuca alternifolia)

Can be used  in a diffuser or as a natural alternative to synthetic skin cleansers, toners and as a mouthwash alternative. 

Ylang Essential Oil (100% Organic Cananga odorata genuina)

Can be used as a natural moisturizer and skin oil balancer. Relieves aches and pains. Ylang can also be used to add sweet notes to perfumes. 

Geranium Essential Oil (100% Organic Pelargonium graveolens)

Natural toner with a  poignant floral fragrance. Can be used in cooking for a floral flavoring. Balancing in diffusers.